Are Dental Implants a Good Investment?

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Are you wondering if investing in dental implants is perfect for a missing teeth?

Investing in dental implants does worth it, only if it’s carried out by a professionals.

Dental implants from Hyatt dental in Houston offers a huge range of benefits including an incredibly realistic appearance and the opportunity to prevent bone loss.

Implants Are Cost Effective

Before you ignore dental implants due to its exorbitant fees, have you considered the lifetime cost of ownership for implants and Dentures?

Dentures might be affordable, but they need to be replaced every 3-8 years because of wear.

Dental bridges are cost effective compared to dental implants but their reliance on nearby teeth for support damages those teeth and significantly increases the chances that you will need even more expensive dental work in just a few years.

Dental implants are not designed to rely on other teeth for support, thereby preserving the other healthy teeth in your mouth.

In addition, Dental implants help to recreate the natural stimulation your jaw bone receives when you talk and eat, which preserves the shape of your face and appearance.

And the good news is dental implants are designed to last for a life-time, so you wouldn’t need to spend money on replacement costs.

Dental Implants: The Cost Breakdown

Installing dental plants takes a whole lot of process than other forms of tooth, that’s the reason why it’s more expensive than dentures or bridges.

Expect a price increase if you need bone grafting, surgical extraction of your old tooth, or a CT scan. Although the initial cost of dental implants can be much more than receiving a set of dentures or getting a bridge, but it worth’s paying for.

Get in touch with Houston office for a professional Dental Implants consultation

If you’ve been wondering if Dental implants right for you, you can make an appointment with your Houston dentist to discuss the possibility today.

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Dental Implants: The #1 Best Way Replace Missing Teeth

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Do you have missing or decayed teeth?

Dental Implants: The everlasting answer to decayed or missing teeth.

Have you been struggling with uncomfortable dentures or a removable bridge?

According to research by Denture wearers, you need to remove dentures and soak them in cleaning solution each and every night. Not only that, implanting Dentures could result to bone loss.

Why Dental Implants?

According to research by The American Dental Association (ADA), dental implants are one of the best ways to change a missing or decayed tooth, restore bone arrangement and prevent bone loss.

Dental professionals recommends dental implants as the best and healthiest option for teeth replacement.

Everyone with a good tooth can smile with confidence.

Gaps in your teeth can make you look unattractive, and missing teeth can make eating difficult for you.

The worst thing about missing teeth is a loss of Jawbone arrangement.

Apart from health reasons, missing teeth will even make you look older and unattractive.

Millions of people successfully undergo dental implant surgery yearly, a number which according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, increases by 300,000 people each year.

Dental implants provide a practical, effective, and safe alternative to old bridges or dentures.

Highlighted below are the health and aesthetic benefits of dental implants:

  • Improved oral and overall health
  • Youthful and attractive appearance
  • Restores confidence when communicating with people.
  • Ability to consume the foods you love.
  • No bone loss.
  • Dental implants mimic your natural teeth

Dental Implant Restoration in Houston.

Do you have one or more missing teeth?

Are you wearing dentures?

Ever considered using dental implants?

A new beautiful smile is just a phone call away…schedule your appointment today by calling (832) 232-5353

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What Does Invisalign Cost In Houston?

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For your teeth and smile to last for a very long time, they have to be maintained and cared for adequately. It’s very necessary to keep hold of your teeth once we have achieved an outstanding result.

A custom made removable material called Retainers must be worn from time to time to prevent shifting of the teeth.

The Investment in YOUR SMILE is Worth It

It’s worth investing in your smile. Keeping the smile you love for a lifetime comes with a Price.

It’s probably pretty obvious that good oral hygiene is incredibly important for the health of your smile.

The cost of orthodontic treatment and the time needed to achieve results is worth spending on, simply because you are going to reap the benefit for years.

You deserve a charming and attractive smile and that’s why Hyatt dental is Houston is your go-to clinic for professional Orthodontic treatments.

You’ll be glad you took action and be happy with the results. We will also ensure your dental needs and desires are met.

How much does Invisalign® cost?

The cost of your Invisalign® treatment depends on some factors. Dr. Amir Elsakr will cover all the factors that will determine the cost of your Invisalign® treatment including the gravity of your orthodontic needs, the turn around times, the number of trays needed for completion and many more.

Our team of experts will ensure you complete your treatment and assist you in the best possible ways, and that’s why we offer some financing options to suit your needs.


If Orthodontic treatment coverage is included in your dental insurance plan, then you may also qualify for a discount for Invisalign treatment.

We will do everything possible to help you get started with your Invisalign treatment today so contact us at your own convenience and be on your way to the beautiful healthy smile you have dreamed of achieving.

Just give us call at (832) 232-5353 to schedule a free consultation.

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Are Dental Veneers Right for You? – Dentist in Houston, TX

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Are you feeling uncomfortable with your smile? Dental veneers, thin porcelain shells that cover the front section of your teeth, are amazingly flexible. They can change the whole dimension and size of your teeth to the color and arrangement.

Interested in making several changes to your smile, then Veneers is highly recommended for you.

Dental Veneers are designed to correct:

  • Stains and discolorations.
  • Chips and cracks.
  • Deformed or poorly shaped teeth.
  • Uneven or worn teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Slightly overlapping or twisted/crooked teeth.

If you are struggling with any of these issues highlighted above, no worries we have good news for you. Our Houston cosmetic dentist can help you get the smile you want. We work closely with you to discuss your treatment goals to make sure that veneers can provide you with what you are looking for.

Besides the cosmetic imperfections you are looking to treat, there are other factors that can affect your chances of qualification which are:

  • Oral health: Your oral health is first determined to ascertain if your teeth and gums are health enough for treatment.
  • Your teeth strength: Will your teeth be able to support your dental veneers?
  • Certain habits: Certain habits such as Jaw Clenching and biting of nails could also limit your chances of qualification.

The smile of your dreams is actually closer than you think.

21st century has revolutionized restorative dental techniques, you can now fix that chipped tooth or close the gap between your front teeth within minutes.

Schedule an appointment with Hyatt Dental in Houston and you too can have an attractive smile you’ve always dreamt of.

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